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Waves-A-Head Pattern is Out!

(c) Redheart.comI just recently found another of my patterns posted!!  Woohoo!  It's always a thrill to see a new one come out!  Now available on the Red Heart site.

It's nice and stretchy along with being a bit "different" than all the rest.

If you make one, let me know how you liked it!  Enjoy!


New Granny Squares Book By Margaret Hubert

I just found out that I'll be getting a copy of Margaret's new book, The Granny Square Book because I made a couple models for her!  Now how cool is that?!  Was not expecting that to happen at all!!

This book is one of the prettiest ones I remember seeing.  It's a multi-generational book that includes patterns from Margaret, her daughter, and her granddaughter.

And I sure wouldn't call the squares inside Grannies!!  Traditional "granny" squares are my least favorite thing to make.  Maybe because of the association to "bad crochet" thru the years.  That's not to say there aren't some really pretty projects to be made using them, but it's my own personal preference.  

There are some absolutely GORGEOUS squares in this book to enjoy whether you make one of the included projects, or something of your own creation.  The patterns include both written instructions and charts, too!

Another thing I enjoy about this book is the hard-covered spiral bound pages.  No more trying to bend the book, or pages, to keep it open where I want it!

WooHoo, Margaret!! Way to go!  Another great book to your never-ending creativity!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!


Conference Time Again!

How'd it get here so fast?!?!?!  Oh my, I guess my mom wasn't kidding when she said once you have kids the time starts flying faster than you can keep track of!  I just want to know who said it was ok for the planet to start spinning so fast to get the days done!  Ack!

Anyways.....The CGOA Conference is going to be held in two places this year: this week in Minneapolis, MN for the summer version, adn in Greensboro, NC for the fall version.  I just saw an email that posted next year's conference as a two-parter, also!  Back in Manchester, NH for the summer, and in Reno, NV for the fall.

And since I'm originally from WI, I'm going to MN tomorrow, then Hubby and Missyboo are coming to get me and we're going family visiting.  Niece will be coming back with us, too, for a couple of weeks, so Missyboo is thrilled with that news!  Good thing Gramma will be here to hold the fort!  :D

I can't believe it's conference time already!  I still have a few ideas floating around in my head that haven't made it to paper or yarn yet, and it's already time!!  Guess I'll be busy with paper and pencil on the plane!  Speaking of which, I'd better call to find out if I can bring my hooks and needles on board with me!  I'd hate to have the yarn for my project in hand and have to no way to work on it during the flight if they'll be tossed in the trash before we even take off.


102nd CT Sheep and Wool Festival

My CGOA chapter, The HHCC, was invited back to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival for the fourth year in a row to demonstrate various aspects of crochet.  We brought along all sorts of goodies for display, and again, had a lot of comments such as "I didn't know you could do that in crochet!" That was crocheted?? But like the old saying, the proof was in the pudding!  Everything we had hanging up or displayed on the table was done with a crochet hook with one exception.  A free form jacket that Margaret Hubert lent me for the display was a combination of knit and crochet. 

I was surprised this year at the amount of people we had stopping at our table!  I don't remember being swamped for the better part of ALL day like we were!!  So during the lulls, we all took turns going out to explore and see what we could, such as the little guy in the picture below.  He was quite interested in seeing everything he could! In one of the barns, a pen 6 week old Pygamy goat going for a walk.had been set up for some sheep.  There was one poor guy with no coat in the middle of the herd, but he managed to keep warm by worming his way into the middle of the herd and surrounding himself with the others' coats.  I wonder if they minded?  Hmmm..... What do ya mean it's not summer?

And of course, there were vendors selling lots of yummy yarns made from alpaca, wool, silk, etc.   I bought a couple hanks that had some sparkle to them because of a very fine silver filament that was mixed with the ply.  Missyboo doesn't know yet that it will be her new "sweater" for this year.  Glad she likes the colors! 

Have a good night!  :D


Margaret Hubert

I had a nice change up to my schedule today.  My friend Margaret Hubert was giving a talk at my local library today, and I decided I was going! The library had "advertised" for the week prior to "Come meet the author Margaret Hubert April 28", and one day shortly after the sign was put up, Missyboo and I were driving to town.  She saw the sign and asked, "Mom, is that the same Margaret Hubert we know?"  When I told yes, she was all excited.  "I know an AUTHOR?!"

Margaret was giving a talk on free form crocheting and knitting, and had brought lots of samples with her for all to see.  It always amazes me to see the finished, final project done in free form.  I can admire it all I want, but I just cannot bring myself to actually do it.  It's too chaotic for me for some reason.  I like and prefer making something balanced from start to finish.  Even though lots of free form projects have balance to them, too!  Maybe it's the thought of all those ends to be taken care of!!  lol

I thought these slippers were cute.  Missyboo would love a pair like them herself!

I also found out there's a local Knit and Nosh that meets on Thursdays at the library, and when it was mentioned that I should come to the meetings, I replied, "Thanks, but I'm a crocheter who knits."  The response to that was one lady pointing out different people that were there and telling me, "she's a crocheter who knits; she's a spinner and weaver; that lady over there spins and dyes her own yarns; and the rest of us are knitters who crochet."  So..........maybe I've found a place to go on Thursday afternoons for an hour or so!

I'll be going to the 102nd  CT Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday, too.  My crochet club has had a booth there for the last three years to demonstrate crochet and have some lessons for anyone interested.  We all bring lots of neat projects with us for display, and of course, they're all made from natural fibers of some sorts.  A lot of the people that stopped by to look were really surprised at some of the items we had.  A lot of the comments were along the lines of "Wow, I didn't know you could do that in crochet!"  Hey, one festival at a time!!  lol

Have a good night!  :D