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Free or Pay, It's Still Copyrighted!

I have several designs published, and being a member of Ravelry, an online knit and crochet website, they can be accessed there, as well as on my website.  Members of Ravelry have the option of posting pictures and notes about their various projects, which is great!  One gets to see a LOT of neat things there!  As well as modifications that some have made to the pattern that make it quite interesting to read.

Recently someone posted a project that was linked to one of my patterns on Ravelry, and I took a look at it from her project page, only to find that my pattern directions were listed, in their entirety, in the project notes she had.  Surprise, surprise!  Granted it was a free pattern, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still my copyrighted pattern listed as her notes! 

I sent her a message asking to please remove my instructions from her project page, and she did so.  I tried to be as tactful as I could be with the written word, so hopefully she wasn't too offended by it.  But one never knows how something like that will be taken unless/until a blasting message comes back.

Now I said: "granted it's a free pattern".  The word "free" seems to mean to quite a few people crafting (and other things, too) that it's ok to do what they want with it.  Because it's "free".  I admit that sometimes I still fall into that same trap.  So it's good to be reminded every now and then that, hey, there very well may be a copyright attached to that "free" thing!  Just as if one had to pay for whatever that "thing" may be.

So here's the reminder for all:  just because the pattern is free doesn't mean it's yours to do what you want with it.  Free patterns are covered under copyright of the author/owner, just as pay-for patterns are!  So please don't fall into the "so what, it's free" trap!


More Color Inspirations

This picture was taken in Zhangye, Province of Gansu, China.  The colors are created from an accumulation for millions of years of red sandstone and other rocks.  It amazes me to see the stunning color palates found in nature.  Always a good source of inspiration for a future project!  Enjoy!  :D 


Color Inspirations


Where do you get your inspiration for the colors you choose to use in a project?  I recently received an email that contained these pictures that were taken at Butchart Gardens, in Victoria, British Columbia, during the fall.  WOW is all I can say, especially after reading the caption that all these gorgeous colors are leaves only, no flowers!  It sure made my soul smile to see the colors as we're stuck with the winter "bluckies" here for another couple of months!


Waves-A-Head Pattern is Out!

(c) Redheart.comI just recently found another of my patterns posted!!  Woohoo!  It's always a thrill to see a new one come out!  Now available on the Red Heart site.

It's nice and stretchy along with being a bit "different" than all the rest.

If you make one, let me know how you liked it!  Enjoy!


New Granny Squares Book By Margaret Hubert

I just found out that I'll be getting a copy of Margaret's new book, The Granny Square Book because I made a couple models for her!  Now how cool is that?!  Was not expecting that to happen at all!!

This book is one of the prettiest ones I remember seeing.  It's a multi-generational book that includes patterns from Margaret, her daughter, and her granddaughter.

And I sure wouldn't call the squares inside Grannies!!  Traditional "granny" squares are my least favorite thing to make.  Maybe because of the association to "bad crochet" thru the years.  That's not to say there aren't some really pretty projects to be made using them, but it's my own personal preference.  

There are some absolutely GORGEOUS squares in this book to enjoy whether you make one of the included projects, or something of your own creation.  The patterns include both written instructions and charts, too!

Another thing I enjoy about this book is the hard-covered spiral bound pages.  No more trying to bend the book, or pages, to keep it open where I want it!

WooHoo, Margaret!! Way to go!  Another great book to your never-ending creativity!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!