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Newbie Blogger


Welcome to my new blog site.  I will probably be making mistakes as I learn how to do this, but I will be learning!

I created this to be able to show pictures of my projects, write about my projects (and other odds and ends :p ), patterns, etc.  So here's a little about myself.

My name is Nancy, and I've been crocheting forever.  I honestly don't remember who taught me, or when, to crochet.  I can say that I really started getting into it more "seriously" when a friend's son was born with some serious medical problems.  I was "led" to make this baby a blanket using different colors to represent different aspects of color healing- love, calmness, serenity, health, etc.  This blanket felt so perfect while I was making it that I knew the baby was going to be ok!  And he was.  Twenty years later I saw that poor, pitiful blanket and couldn't believe I had actually given someone something that looked like that!  Yuck!!!  I was so embarrassed!  There were soooo many problems with it, the least of them being the different weight yarns used.  All I can say now is that I've come a long way from that sad blanket to the things I get to make today!

I now belong to CGOA and the HHCC, a local chapter of the CGOA.  I was recently accepted as an associate professional, and boy, was I glad no one there could see that blanket I had made!  Whew!!!!  I LOVE to do Aran/cabling anything, whether in yarn or thread.  Once I figure out how to add pictures to this site, I'll post some of the clothing I've made for my family.  I would love to learn the antique way of Irish Crochet, then work my way up to the current way of doing it just to see how it's evolved over the years.  I'm nosy that way.  lol

More later, thanks for visiting!


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