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Almost Year-end Catch-up

It's been a BUSY year for me this year!!  I didn't realize it had been quite so long since my last posting here, but WOW, it's been quite a while!

I went to the CGOA conference in Manchester this summer, and as usual, had an absolute blast meeting up with old friends and new, right along with learning some new techniques.  I have to admit though, that this summer I actually took more knitting classes than crocheting. least now I know I can have my seams on knit projects look as "hidden" as I do on my crochet seams!  I just never seemed (ha, very punny) to catch the right areas of the knit stitches to get a really nice looking seam going.  Now there's no more excuses!!  lol  The fall show and event is going on this week in Reno, so if you're in the area, or if you get a chance to go, do so!  It's so worth it to go at least once.

Missyboo and my Hubby came to Manchester for the last two days.  Missyboo was looking forward to modeling in the fashion show again this year.  She was so nervous last year, but once on the runway, she nailed it fine.  Couldn't wipe the ear-splitting grin from her face for quite a while afterwards, what with all the whoops, hollers and whistles she received.  (c) Doris ChanThis year though, the only thing she modeled was by helping me to "display" my afghan that took third place in the CGOA Design Contest.

I've spent most of the year doing a lot of contract crochet jobs for several designers.  Let me tell you, there are going to be some BEE-U-TI-Ful designs coming out in the next few months!!!!  And now that there's a "quiet" spell going on, I've been working on a couple of my own projects.  I'm hoping to have one ready for testing in the next couple of weeks.

And speaking of my own designs, I was poking around on my Ravelry page yesterday, and discovered that my first independent pattern is only 20 "hearts" away from being listed as a favorite of 3000 people!!!  Can you hear me saying: "OMG!!"?  And there are almost 800 projects posted and linked to this very same pattern!!  Can you hear me saying:"OMG!!" again??  I'm absolutely flabbergasted about that, and I thank everyone who's favorited it and posted pictures of their projects! 

Here's a link to the pattern itself if you might be interested in making this hat for any of the men or boys in your life.  It's gotten quite a few good reviews from the guys who've received them.  It's also good for any of the women and girls in your life too.  It can be done with spiraling cable ribs or with straight cable ribs, and in any color combination you desire.  It's called Reversible Strands for Men (and Women, too!)

straight cable ribsspiraled cable ribs On a different note, I had to take Missyboo school shopping a couple of weeks ago.  My 10 year old is now wearing adult sized shoes.  No more kids section for her.  No way, not with needing anywhere from a 6.5 to a 7.5 shoe these days!!  Who said it was ok for her to grow so much, so fast, and so soon?? But if she keeps going like this, I'll be able to wear her shoes next year!  Muwahahahaha!

Have a good day!  :D

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