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Today some members of my crochet guild spent the day at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival in Tolland/Vernon, CT demonstrating various crochet techniques such as Tunisian and crocheting with roving, along with basic crochet to anyone interested.  We also had a table for displaying various items that were brought along, made from natural fibers. 

Boy, was it COLD in the barn!!!  The wind was blowing pretty strong all day, and it was warmer outside than inside!  You'd swear you were standing in front of a commercial freezer door the way the wind was whipping through the inside of the barn!! 

Anyways, one of the women helping to run the show was making the rounds of all the vendors and volunteers tables to see if they were interested in donating any items such as skeins, hanks, garments, accessories, etc., for an impromptu judging contest if enough items were collected. 

I "entered" two items; my Jalapeno Sunrise jacket, and a cabled vest.  Both crocheted.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that both had won ribbons!! The jacket won a first place blue ribbon, and the vest won a yellow third place ribbon.  Imagine more surprise for me when I found out that the vest had been judged in the knitted garment category!!  Especially when it was specified that it had been crocheted!!  (I added the "lighter" picture for a bit more clarity of the pattern)

I've never entered anything into a judged event before, so I'm still a bit flibberty-gibbity about winning two ribbons!  Guess this means I'll have to enter some items into the Big E in Massachusetts this year to see if I can do it again!  Lol!

Have a good night!  :D

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Nancy, I'm tearing out my hair on the reversible hat pattern. Guess I'm not smart enough - lol. How can I get help with it? I've reworked round 4 for 3 hours and can't differentiate between your 2 pictures. They look the same to me. I can't get my fpdc count to match yours. How do these 2 versions (spiral/straight) differ from each other?

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKalah Byman

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