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Conference Time Again!

How'd it get here so fast?!?!?!  Oh my, I guess my mom wasn't kidding when she said once you have kids the time starts flying faster than you can keep track of!  I just want to know who said it was ok for the planet to start spinning so fast to get the days done!  Ack!

Anyways.....The CGOA Conference is going to be held in two places this year: this week in Minneapolis, MN for the summer version, adn in Greensboro, NC for the fall version.  I just saw an email that posted next year's conference as a two-parter, also!  Back in Manchester, NH for the summer, and in Reno, NV for the fall.

And since I'm originally from WI, I'm going to MN tomorrow, then Hubby and Missyboo are coming to get me and we're going family visiting.  Niece will be coming back with us, too, for a couple of weeks, so Missyboo is thrilled with that news!  Good thing Gramma will be here to hold the fort!  :D

I can't believe it's conference time already!  I still have a few ideas floating around in my head that haven't made it to paper or yarn yet, and it's already time!!  Guess I'll be busy with paper and pencil on the plane!  Speaking of which, I'd better call to find out if I can bring my hooks and needles on board with me!  I'd hate to have the yarn for my project in hand and have to no way to work on it during the flight if they'll be tossed in the trash before we even take off.

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