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102nd CT Sheep and Wool Festival

My CGOA chapter, The HHCC, was invited back to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival for the fourth year in a row to demonstrate various aspects of crochet.  We brought along all sorts of goodies for display, and again, had a lot of comments such as "I didn't know you could do that in crochet!" That was crocheted?? But like the old saying, the proof was in the pudding!  Everything we had hanging up or displayed on the table was done with a crochet hook with one exception.  A free form jacket that Margaret Hubert lent me for the display was a combination of knit and crochet. 

I was surprised this year at the amount of people we had stopping at our table!  I don't remember being swamped for the better part of ALL day like we were!!  So during the lulls, we all took turns going out to explore and see what we could, such as the little guy in the picture below.  He was quite interested in seeing everything he could! In one of the barns, a pen 6 week old Pygamy goat going for a walk.had been set up for some sheep.  There was one poor guy with no coat in the middle of the herd, but he managed to keep warm by worming his way into the middle of the herd and surrounding himself with the others' coats.  I wonder if they minded?  Hmmm..... What do ya mean it's not summer?

And of course, there were vendors selling lots of yummy yarns made from alpaca, wool, silk, etc.   I bought a couple hanks that had some sparkle to them because of a very fine silver filament that was mixed with the ply.  Missyboo doesn't know yet that it will be her new "sweater" for this year.  Glad she likes the colors! 

Have a good night!  :D

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