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Margaret Hubert

I had a nice change up to my schedule today.  My friend Margaret Hubert was giving a talk at my local library today, and I decided I was going! The library had "advertised" for the week prior to "Come meet the author Margaret Hubert April 28", and one day shortly after the sign was put up, Missyboo and I were driving to town.  She saw the sign and asked, "Mom, is that the same Margaret Hubert we know?"  When I told yes, she was all excited.  "I know an AUTHOR?!"

Margaret was giving a talk on free form crocheting and knitting, and had brought lots of samples with her for all to see.  It always amazes me to see the finished, final project done in free form.  I can admire it all I want, but I just cannot bring myself to actually do it.  It's too chaotic for me for some reason.  I like and prefer making something balanced from start to finish.  Even though lots of free form projects have balance to them, too!  Maybe it's the thought of all those ends to be taken care of!!  lol

I thought these slippers were cute.  Missyboo would love a pair like them herself!

I also found out there's a local Knit and Nosh that meets on Thursdays at the library, and when it was mentioned that I should come to the meetings, I replied, "Thanks, but I'm a crocheter who knits."  The response to that was one lady pointing out different people that were there and telling me, "she's a crocheter who knits; she's a spinner and weaver; that lady over there spins and dyes her own yarns; and the rest of us are knitters who crochet."  So..........maybe I've found a place to go on Thursday afternoons for an hour or so!

I'll be going to the 102nd  CT Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday, too.  My crochet club has had a booth there for the last three years to demonstrate crochet and have some lessons for anyone interested.  We all bring lots of neat projects with us for display, and of course, they're all made from natural fibers of some sorts.  A lot of the people that stopped by to look were really surprised at some of the items we had.  A lot of the comments were along the lines of "Wow, I didn't know you could do that in crochet!"  Hey, one festival at a time!!  lol

Have a good night!  :D

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