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Who Keeps Stealing the Time?!?!?!

My goodness, I didn't realize how FAST time has been flying past me lately!!!  It's almost July again.  Time for getting ready to go to another CGOA Conference!! There will be two this year, one in July in Menneapolis, MN, and another in September, in Greensboro, NC.  I've got my classes all set for going to MN.  First time there for me!  I've been to Manchester, NH twice and Buffalo, NY once.  Should be interesting though.  Since I'm from WI, it only made sense to go there rather than NC so Hubby and Missyboo can join me the last day in MN, then we can go visit family in WI the week after classes.  Hubby was talking about us driving out there, stopping in WI to pick up my niece, dropping me off at the hotel in MN, then they would continue on to see Mt Rushmore and do some sightseeing in the Badlands, but I don't think that's going to pan out too well.  Niece takes a lot of summer camps and Missyboo wants to do a summer reading program.

I've been busy doing model making projects for several different designers since last July, and trying to work on different projects of my own in between.  One of them is teaching myself to knit better with Silver Nights jacket, which can be found at  In previous postings about this project I made comment about how bad I thought my wraps looked.  I finally found the secret that works for me when doing garter stitch, and NOT on a pair of socks, either!!  Looking on Youtube showed me a lot of wraps, but just about every one of them was dealing with socks.  So by playing around, I figured out a way for me, that I think works.  But I finally figured it out when doing the body/back section.  So......that means when I finish the body/back, the sleeves will be ripped out one more time (I think that will make it the fourth time!!) and redone.  I'm thinking this time I won't make it quite so flared either.  So here's the latest picture on my knitting journey for this jacket.  The bottom of the V is center back, and then the sides come up and around to the front chest sections.  When I get the shorter side up to the longer side size, I get to add the upper back/sleeve section.  Then the only thing left to do knitting-wise is the collar, and done!  I'm getting closer!!  :D

I've also been working on getting three hat and neck cowl sets put together.  I've got the pieces made, but still need to get the patterns written up.  After that, I'm going to send them out for charting.  Fingers are crossed that I can get that done by the end of this month.  I know, just in time for summer, right?  lol

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