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Knitting Lesson # 2

Wrap + T. 

I was itching to get back into this jacket pattern since it was my day off from work, Missyboo was out with Hubby, so the house was MINE, and mine alone!  But I couldn't do it.  I was thinking that this V shaped center back section would be easy - just working decreases to get to the "point".  But that was not the case.  Each row ended with the original 66 stitches I started with, and some foreign language I couldn't decipher: Wrap + T.

What is that?!  I searched in my pattern for a definition of the term.  Didn't find one.  Did a bit of poking around online to see what I could, and found nothing.  I searched for knitting stitches, knitting definitions, knitting glossary,  nada.  I sent out quick emails to LynAdell, the designer, on Ravelry, taking her up on her "if you have any questions, ask me", and to a couple of knitting expert friends.  Everyone was busy/out/not answering.  Didn't they know I needed to pick their brains?! :(  lol 

SO I posted on Facebook that I was stuck, anyone know the answer to "what does Wrap + T mean"?  My friend, Renee' Barnes held the key.  She could read it, but didn't know how to do it.  I was on my own for that, but she did pass on a youtube link for me.  Hurray!  I could get back to "work" shortly!

After watching the video, I was pretty sure I could fly through this.  There was one problem though.  The video showed the wrap and turn being done in stockingette stitch.  My jacket is done in garter.  So.... is my wrap and turn actually a double wrap? 

According to the video, "x" amount of stitches were knit.  The yarn is brought from the back to the front, and the next stitch is slipped from the holding needle to the working needle as if to knit, the yarn brought from the front to back side of the work, the stitch slipped back to the original needle, then the work is turned.  Now the yarn is on the correct side to do purl stitches, in front of the work.  As I'm working in garter stitch, which is just plain knit on every row, I had to move the yarn to the back again to keep working the next row.  So you tell me, does that constitute as a "double wrap"?  Hmmm.....questions, questions! 

Have a good day!  :D


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