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Local LYS Closing

Unfortunately another business is closing due to the current economic times.  This time it's my local LYS, Yarn Central.  By the end of this month, it will be no more.  Although the store area is small, Marianna had it packed with all kinds of yarn goodness.  Her "cheapest" was Plymouth, her most expensive that I found was a lace-weight of a bison, cashmere, merino mix that was $32 for a 25g skein.

She also had a small, but very eclectic mix of buttons and closures.  I think that's the part I'm going to miss the most.  I didn't have any kind of button collection before, but now I do!  Three friends from my crochet guild and I met up to visit the store, and I purchased enough yarn for 5 or 6 new projects.  That purchase included a Crochet for Barbie book by Nicky Epstein for Missyboo.  Of course, we had to pick out some yarn for some of the patterns she was interested in from that book.

Tell you what, Missyboo may only be 8, but she definitely has champagne taste when it comes to yarn!  I can't tell you how many different skeins I had to tell her "no" to simply because I wasn't going to pay that price for Barbie clothes!  I would have fainted from watching her play with them, knowing the price I had paid! 

So we settled for what you see in this picture to the left.  That should be plenty to make several of the outfits before resorting to mixing them together!  That's going to blow my promise to myself that I wasn't ever going to make any Barbie clothes!  lol  The things we do for our kids! (meant in a lighthearted way, of course!)

Missyboo kept telling the ladies working in the store that she sure wished they weren't closing.  The one lady actually gave her a musical lollipop of some kind.  In her favorite lollipop color - red.  It's stick is in some kind of box that plays music when it's squeezed.  That was a first for me, a musical lollipop.  Missyboo still hasn't taken it out yet.  She likes listening to it and the way it looks.

This picture is proof of more "Grand Ideas"  floating in my head.  Hopefully when I have time to sit down and draw a so-called sketch it will look enough like the picture I see in my mind that I won't forget why I bought all this yummy Wool Bam Boo from Classic Elite.  It's a mix of red, blue, chocolate, and off-white.  I see it as a kind of vest.

But before I can (no, read will) start this, I want to finish my knitting project!  With it's lifelines attached this time!  lol

I just now noticed that I forgot to put the rest of the buttons in this picture!  Well, I'll just have to fix that!  :D

So here's the start of my new button collection.  I'm thinking I'll need to go back sometime this upcoming week and spend more of my "weekly allowance" on some more!  I seem to have a penchant for the old fashioned looking metallics.  Could be worse!

The flash was a bit bright on the bottom half of the picture, but those are some miniature hook and eye clasps with a leafy design on them.

Have a nice day!  :D



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