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"Casting" Call

Missyboo's official pathology tests came back on her leg saying she was cancer-free, and that at this point, there's no bone infection.  So the drs. are chalking up the questionable areas of her Xrays and MRIs to a weirdly crazed stress fracture.  Hurray! on the initial test results!  She will still be donating blood for testing to make sure there's no bacterial infection going on, and getting more Xrays during and after her "casting" days.  Did I mention that she's wearing a hot pink, full length, cast?  Oh yeah, baby!  This thing is sooooo bright, that in the bright sunlight, it's almost an orange color!

The casts these days are nothing like what I had as a kid!  Plaster of Paris and all that!  This new stuff is like sheet rock tape with water activated glue embedded in the mesh.  Quick, fast, not very messy, fast-drying.  All done.

But the one problem we found out about with this type cast is that it's pretty rough on any other skin that comes in contact with  the outside of it.  Poor Missyboo was getting "cast rash".  She has to wear a dress for school, and the inside of her good thigh was being chafed from the cast.  So Mom (me!) got into action.  I crocheted a "casting cover", and tied it around Missyboo's cast.  Works like a charm!  No more chafing, and more Missyboo smiles!  :D

I made two drawstrings that were measured to length around her cast, crocheted a couple of rows for the body, added the first drawstring, then crocheted around that string to finish the body.  I then folded the last three rows down over the second drawstring and sewed it shut.  The cast is rough enough to keep the cover from doing any slipping, and the folded over drawstring edge gives her a bit more of "cushion" at the top edge of her cast  for sitting down.  She's happy with it.

Have a nice day!  :D

Reader Comments (2)

Hurrays all around. I so happy for your little one and admire your ingenuity for the casting cover. Hot pink and bright red, what a combination!

February 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterVicJoRob

It's not so pink anymore! Not with all the signatures from school! lol
Thanks, Vic! :D

February 24, 2010 | Registered CommenterNancy

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