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Lands End Feel Good Campaign

Land's End donated lots and lots of yarn this year to knitters and crocheters to make squares and blankets for Warm Up America.  My CGOA chapter, The HHCC, placed an order for some cones, so did I.  Our November meeting was devoted to making up as many squares as we could, and we came up with one whole blanket's worth.   I managed to finish one of the blankets from the cones I received, too.  Our blankets went to Elizabeth House, a battered women's shelter in Danbury, CT.

I also finished off my second blanket from the cones.  I made up the pattern for the first blanket, and used a variation of that pattern for the second one.

copyright NLS Stitches

Let's see if I can get pictures to work today!  It's rainy, gray, and cold.  Perfect for me not to be able to get anything done right the first time!  Ok, looks like success for the first one here!  Yay!  lol  

The second blanket's variation simply placed main body's stitches alternately one row to the next.  The first blanket's main body stitches were stacked one over the other.  It gave a nice pattern, with subtle variations to it between the two blankets.copyright NLS Stitches  I made some "stripes" to divide the sections from each other, and it makes this a reversible blanket, too, because on one side, the stripe has a bit of raised texture to it, on the other, it's flat.  But as you can see in these pictures, the stripes show up fine on either side.   I sent the second blanket to Warm Up America.

Time to make some chili before the games get started today, so.........have a nice, warm and toasty day!  :D

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