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Sock Jacket Renamed

Sock Jacket now has a new name - Jalapeno Sunrise. I just couldn't get my brain to function very well to think of an appropriate name, so I asked for some help and this new name fits just right. The colors are Southwest-y and sunrise-y. (two new words? lol) Thank you, Bianca! :-D

Another picture for you to enjoy is of Dee Stanziano and Mary Beth Temple. Dee was getting ready to host/emcee the Jubilee Crochet Bling contest, and Mary Beth was getting ready to help her daughter with an Irish step dance to start off the Fashion Show. Dee's hat was made special for her hosting gig, and Mini Dee made a matching tie for Mr. Dee to wear while he helped with the judging of the "Bling"

It was really cute the way Dee pulled a rabbit out of her hat to show that all crocheters could work some magic. And when it was time to distribute the prizes for the winners, a wand "magically" appeared from her hat also! So all winners were dubbed with the magic wand before receiving their winnings. There was a LOT of bling on that stage too! The winner was Joan Davis for a gorgeously sparkly shawl she was wearing that night. Of course she was flying down the runway, so my one and only picture of it is here:

Joan has a new book out, 336 Tips for Crocheters, so I made sure to get my signed copy while she was up in the market place. She is an absolute sweetheart! Hope you all get to meet her someday.

Mary Beth's daughter is real close to being a nationally ranked step dancer (Mary Beth, let me know if I have that wrong, please!), and she did a marvelous job of showing off some soft-shoe dances. She even designed her leg warmers for the fashion show, and when modeling them, added a bit of hard shoe stepping down the runway.

So....have a good night!  I'm going to bed early in hopes of recovering lost brain cells.  Also to get an early start tomorrow for NH.  We're taking Missyboo for her first whale watch.  :D

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