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Sunday Guild Meeting

We had a guest speaker at our guild meeting this past Sunday - Jack Blumenthal, Senior Vice President for Lion Brand yarns!  Woohoo!  What a nice man!  He gave some very interesting background into the company's background, such as it being family operated from its start in 1878 to now.   Jack was even kind enough to donate one of the Vanna White pattern books he brought for "show and tell" to our club library.

There will be some new yarns coming out shortly too!  Some new felting wools, some new colors in the sock yarn and Fisherman's Wool, some new holiday colored Homespun, and a sort of wool roving in naturals.

The first pattern I ever sold was to Lion Brand and this picture is of Jack and myself showing off the page with my pattern to Dee who was very camera-happy that day!  lol  Turn to page 27 if you have the Winter 2009 catalog, and my pattern is the middle picture of the three smaller ones on the top of the page.

Dee has the second one I made  as a "thank you!" present for her getting me mixed up in all this yarn "stuff". {VBG}  Hey Dee, got any shots of you modeling?

It's pretty versatile as to the way you could wear it - collar as "regular collar", collar opened up so scarf comes down more on the shoulder blades, collar flipped upside down, or even with the pockets turned to the inside!

I also took over as librarian for my guild, and I finally had a chance to get all the books and patterns organized somewhat coherently into a "catalog" for our members to look thru easily.  I took one of the binders with me to the meeting to get opinions on the storage.  Now poor Dee has MORE on her mind besides Cotton Candy! (evil grin and wiggly eyebrows!)

Well time to get back to my Twinkle Toes jacket.  I'm getting real close to finalizing that one!  Hopefully I'll make it in time for the July 15 deadline for entering into the CGOA Design Contest!  Wish me luck!

Have a good night.  :)

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