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CT S & W 100th Anniversary

Yesterday was good.  Met up with Grace from my crochet guild and we drove up to Vernon, CT for the 100th Anniversary of the Sheep and Wool Festival.  We were invited to set up a booth and do some demos on different aspects of crochet, and we had a pretty full table for most of the day.  We also had lots of items for display made of many different natural fibers - corn, soy, bamboo, cotton, wool, and silk to name a few.

In one corner of the barn we were in was a stand for two alpacas.  They were both boys, about 1 1/2 yrs old.  Oh, what cuties they were!  One white, the other a beautiful chocolate color.  "Brownie" was quite the character.  He kept trying to get "Whitey" to play by ducking his head down to Whitey's back knees to get him to play, but Whitey was having none of it.  He was too busy humming and trying to stay in front of the fan blowing in their stall.  Neither wanted anything to do with being petted by anyone.  :(

There was also a stand set up for two llamas, again a white and brown one.  There was a sign posted on their stall saying Please don't Touch"  and most people seemed to "follow" those directions pretty well. 

Then there was the most adorable dwarf goat, all of three days old.  The poor thing was rejected by her mom, so essentially she became an orphan.  What a pretty shade of blue she had for eyes!  She was perfectly content to be snuggled and stroked to sleep.

We had a lot of people stop by to admire the items we had set up for display, ask questions about crochet, and watch demos on crocheting with unspun roving, using silk hankies, and Tunisian crochet.  But I think the "hit" of our display was a gorgeous free-form jacket made by, and generously lent to us by one of our more famous members, Margaret Hubert.  Lots of ooo's and aaah's for that one, Margaret!

Oh yes, my bowl of stew was delious again this year!  mmmmmm!

Have a good day.  :D

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