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New Pattern 

I recently posted a hat pattern I came up with on Ravelry.  It was an experiment all the way through!  I was trying to come up with a pattern I felt more men would be comfortable with wearing, and I think I succeeded.  My Hubby is very particular about "what a guy would or wouldn't wear", and after I showed him the hat, he said it was one he would wear.  YAY!  I then turned it inside out to finish off the ends, and I'm looking at it thinking: "I like this side too!"  So did he!  I've got a picture posted in the previous post.

So....thinks me, let's see if I can upload it on Ravelry.  The response to it has me absolutely flabbergasted, shocked and amazed!  Which was a lot of fun for me after the frustration of trying to figure out how to get loaded in the first place!  lol  I'm not a dumb person, I'm just not super tech savvy!  I was reading all about how to get the pattern loaded up, and thinking I had it down pat.  Then I realized I had everything in place except the "download" button.  I finally got taken care of too!  It only took me three hours to do it.  I think I can do it a LOT faster next time now!  LOL

I am now going to attempt to load that same button here on my sidebar.  hahahaha!

Edited to add:  ok, two hours later, I give up.  For now!  I've sent in a request for HELP from one who is a lot more computer smart than I am!  lol  So... If you're already a member of Ravelry, go to my project page (missyboo) and look for Reversible Strands for Men to get the download.  For those who aren't, please be patient - I'm working getting it available here!

Newest Edit:  I have the pdf pattern available under "Pattern Store".  Please let me know if that works ok for you to get the pattern.

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