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End of the year?  Already?!?!

OMG!  This year went so fast!!!!  It's December already!  How'd that happen so quickly?!?!?  Eesh!  Well I guess I know why it happened for me - 12 hour workday, 4 hours home, time for bed, 12 hour workday............

I did manage to get a few things done this past couple of months.   I was only able to do 10 sets of hats and scarves for the 60 Scarves in 60 Days challenge.  All are going to the Salvation Army in Danbury this coming up week.  Here are a few sets I remembered to take pictures of before sending them off on their way.    The set on the left started out as just a hat, Lisa Naskrent's Stonehenge from her Rugged Mountains Collection.  I made up the keyhole scarf to go along with it.  It's sized for a child, 4-6 years old.  The purple set started as just a scarf, Dee Stanziano's neat new pattern, Tumbling Clusters Autumn Scarf.  I made up the hat to go along with the scarf.  (seeing any pattern here yet? lol) The last picture is from my Reversible Strands for Men (and Women, too!) hat pattern.  And again, the scarf is another off-the-hook-made-up thing to go with it!  The scarf actually shows what each side looks like, one side "cabled", the other "smooth".   I hope the recipients like them as much as I liked making them up!

My HHCC guild had its annual end of year sale two weeks ago, and I actually had some items ready to go on time this year!  I had made a layette set for a boy and a girl, another couple of hat and scarf sets, and some Baby Bunny Blanket Buddies in both pink and blue.  (try saying that name 10 times fast!)  The pattern is from Lion Brand ( you'll probably need to register with them to see the pattern), and the kids love them!  Sure beats dragging around a big blanket!  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of them before they were off the table.  Ah well, can always make more!

Missyboo has now received her first knitting project from me.  We had gone to Gillette Castle in CT this past summer, and on the way home, stopped at Connecticut Sheep and Wool yarn store in East Haddam.  Missyboo fell in love with a sweater display in her favorite color - pink.  "Mommy, can you please make this one for me?" came right along with the big blue puppy-dog eyes.  Didn't matter to her that it was knit.  Oh, no.  "It's yarn and my mommy can make anything with it."  So of course, yarn and pattern both came home with us. 

It took a bit to get the pattern figured out from the way it was written.  After a few swatch rows, I realized it wasn't going to work.  Something wasn't right, here!  "Help!!!" says me to my local knitting expert, Margaret Hubert.  "It's like this", says she, and viola!  Here it is with it's very own crocheted edgings to keep the curls down and out!  Missyboo loves it, and I thank you very much, Margaret!  The sweater has enough "give" to it that I think she'll be able to wear it for year or two before it gets too small.  (my 8 yr old is now 4'6"!!! How did that happen?!?!)

SOoo... reading back over this, I guess I did do a bit of work since September!  It sure didn't feel like I did, tho!  Couple more projects on hooks and needles to finish off the year, then it's time to start anew!

Hope you all had a good holiday last week, and in the upcoming months!

Have a good night.  :)

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