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I thought I was Making A Dent.....

.....but found out I didn't!!!  I had been going thru the stash cabinet lately using up yarn left and right to make things for my guild's charity drives and upcoming sales event next month.  And, WOW!, I was actually seeing some bare spots becoming visible on the shelving!  Hurray! 

But then......My hours for work recently changed, and I now have a couple hours each day of "alone" time.  I thought I would use one day wisely (HA!) and clean out my corner in the living room from all my clutter.  You know, yarns, patterns, hooks, etc.  After all "non-essentially needed NOW" items were removed and taken up to the stash cabinet, all my empty spots have disappeared!  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised as it took me three bags to cart it all upstairs!  At least my corner now has room to get cluttered up again. ;D

I bought Mary Beth Temple's new book, Hooked for Life, Adventures of a Crochet Zealot. in Rhinebeck last weekend, and found out I seem to have the same problem she does with the yarn:  lots and lots of "leftovers" that don't amount to much at all, but can't bear to throw them away!  I started laughing about that when I was loading the big bags of stuff to go up as I had two of the 2 1/2 gallon sized baggies stuffed to capacity with mini-balls.  That doesn't even count the ones that were already up  there hiding in their corners of the cabinet! (And those two baggies were being stuffed into big totes filled with other yarns for their trip up the stairs)

Guess that means I foresee some granny squares coming up soon!  (sigh)  I think I'll have to look around for some really pretty "other" squares.  :D

Have a nice day! :)

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