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First Commissioned Hat Sale!

Ok, now I've some pictures of the hat and scarf set I made from my Reversible Strands for Men (and Women, too!) pattern.  I should amend that to say hat pattern, since I just made up the scarf to go with the hat..... There is a problem with the pictures, though.  The picture makes them look like black and a reddish whatever color.  I tried with the flash on and with it off.  Neither seemed to really make much difference color-wise. Nothing could be further from the truth!  They're really black and "Magenta"!  Guess that's where the red comes from, eh?  ;D  Tell me what you think the color looks like!

I'm having some troubles with the pics again.  Eeesh!  I load some up and the bottom half is almost like a colorized negative!  Someone a lot smarter than I with electronics might know the reasons why.........but it's sure not me!

So.... this picture is not as "red" as the others I tried to load up, but it's still not very Magenta-ish.  I used Vanna's Choice for this project because the magenta is the color that was specified to go with black, and this was the closest I could find.  Most of the yarns I looked at were more fall-toned. 

So this second picture is closer to the "true" color, but I found out that you really don't want to be taking pictures on a moving train if you're trying to add to your portfolio!  lol  It's a tad blurry.  Ah well, ran out of time and it needed to be done. 

But no matter, the lady who bought this set is really happy with it, and I don't think she really cares how well my pictures do or don't turn out!  lol

Guess now I'll need to write up the matching scarf pattern to go with the hat!

Have a nice day!  :D

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