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Well so far I've added some pictures to the My Designs section of the Photo Gallery.  I'm sure you've seen most of those, they're in "easy reach".  lol

Here's one of the pictures I tried loading on an earlier post.  This time it worked!  Don't ask me why!!!! This scarf was inspired by Lisa Naskrent's Stonehenge hat pattern.  I made the hat and decided to make a scarf to go along with it for a combination of 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge, and for the Salvation Army drive my guild is doing.

It's Rhinebeck weekend!  Whoot, whoot!  I'll be going up on Sunday with some friends and hope to meet up with some others there.  I have to remember to get Jalapeno Sunrise ready to meet it's yarn makers too!  The Dye Dreams ladies will be in building 26  selling their great yarns.  I'm excited about them seeing the jacket.  I had originally bought only enough yarn to make a small shruggie.  But it grew.  And grew.  It didn't want to stay that size.  It turned into a jacket, and I needed yarn HELP.  Mona and Stephanie were great.  They were able to find me the extra skeins I needed in the same dye lots both times I had to go back saying "I need more!"

I've also got my first commissioned hat and scarf set, using my Reversible Strands for Men hat pattern.  Guess now I'll have to write up the pattern I made for the scarf to go along with it!  lol  I'll get some pics posted when the set is completed.

I did not meet my goal of turning in a total of 14 hat and scarf sets when I went to my guild meeting last Sunday.  Sigh.  I had already turned in 4 sets, and I added only 3 more last weekend.  I did have two more sets with me, but I didn't get them finished in time.  They needed odds and ends done to them like ENDS weaved in, etc.  But I did finish a complete baby layette set for the Crochet Sale on Nov. 19 at Danbury Hospital while I was there.  It turned out really cute with a blanket done in a double-sided pattern Margaret Hubert showed us at a workshop and will her new book, Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, coming out soon.

SO.....if I plan on getting anything else done today, guess I'd better get cracking!  Have a good day! :D

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