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How Did October Get Here Soooo Fast?!

 (edited to get the pictures added...finally!)

 Here it is, the first of October already!  Who said the planet could start spinning so much faster than usual so these days fly by so quickly!!!  Eeek!

My scarf count so far for the 60 Scarves in 60 Days challengeis up to a total of 9.  I turned in four of them at last month's guild meeting, and I hope to have 5 more to add the five still here. That would give me a total of 14. My fingers are crossed.  And my wrists are starting to hurt.  I really do not like using my "everyday" set of larger sized hooks since they're plastic, and seem to have a problem sliding thru the yarn easily!  But since I get most of my yarning done away from home, I really don't want to take my fancies with me for fear of breaking or losing them.  Can't replace my Graydogs anymore!  Boohoo! 

The purple scarf is Dee Stanziano's Tumbling Clusters Autumn Scarf pattern.  Veerrryy nice!!!!  :D

 And now that October is here, that means it's time to gear up for RHINEBECK!!!  It runs from October 17th & 18th; Saturday 9AM-6PM, Sunday 10AM-5PM.  I have to take my Jalapeno Sunrise jacket with me too, because DyeDreamswill be up there vending and really want to see it up close and personal!  And I hoping to pick up some more of their YUMMY 50/50 merino wool/tencel yarn.  Well worth it!  Crochet stitches show up beautifully with this yarn, it's soft and easy to work with, and it gets even softer after a washing!  That was the one thing that really surprised me about this yarn.

Have a good night.  :)

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