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Pattern Grading Class

Well, I bit the bullet and signed up for Dora Orhenstein's Pattern Grading class. I've made clothing before, but always from someone else's patterns as the starting point, then gone off on tangents of my own with them. Dora is attempting to teach us the mathematics involved in creating our own patterns from start to finish, and ranging over 5 different sizes. Am I intimidated? YES! But this class is an online group, so I don't feel quite so chicken as I would if I was trying to do it all by myself! My first homework assignment is some - reading!

I received my picture of little Gabby wearing her Baby Sacque Set. She looks like one of the happiest babies I've seen in a looonng time! Absolutely adorable! My girlfirend said Gabby was really sick the weekend she took these pictures, but you would never know it by looking at her, would you?! Mom and Dad both loved the set too! I'm glad I added the tie on the hat. It's just a bit on the big side for Gabby, and before they adjusted the tie, poor Gabby couldn't see because the hat kept sliding down over her eyes. From the sound of it, she didn't care for that one bit! Both arms waving in the air, and lots of "talking" going on! : )

Our monthly guild meeting ended up being canceled for the month of January due to weather problems. It was postponed by a week, then canceled altogether since it decided to be snowy both weekends. I missed going as I really enjoy seeing everyone, and seeing the different projects they've all brought with them. But it gave me a bit more time to make up some more chemo hats for the hospital's cancer center that we donate to. We were told that there was a need for more men's hats, so most of us have been trying to make sure we've included more. Here's a picture of a couple hats I made for the men. (hopefully they'll like them!) These two hats are the same pattern, just reversed! I've got a few more of them done in different colors, and I also used this pattern for some of the women's hats, just changed the "brim" area a bit more.

I have a few more hats done for my niece's friend Olivia also. She has three from September, and once I finish this last one that's on my hook now, she'll get another six. That should give her a bit of a change-up for the week! The original three were done in' Country, these others are done in Country,'s Spa, and Lion Brand's Microspun. She should be quite colorful now - pink green, pink and green, royal blue, mango, claret, deep purple, a spice, coral and claret mix, and a natural. I still need to get a few pictures of all of them before I send them out this weekend.

As we're having another snowstorm today, and Missyboo isn't going to school because of it, I guess I should go get my "homework" done for my grading class before she gets up!

Stay warm and safe! :)


Reader Comments (2)

Ooh, too cute! You make such adorable things.

I trudged to class today through a foot of snow that fell last night. I'm not sure if my roommates actually went to class, because my footsteps were the only ones on the stairs up to our door!

January 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBecki

Thanks, Becki!
Hope you weren't the only one who went to school!

January 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

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