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Where Did August GO?!

Wow!  I can't believe that August has come and gone already!!!  It just started!  I had two pool rats at the beginning of the month, now I only have one.  We took my niece back home last week, and stayed at my sister's for a while before coming back to NY. 

While we were there, we went to one of the Packers pre-season games.  I felt so sad!!!! The excited feel of "being at a Packers game" was sorely missing in the stands this time.  It didn't used to matter if it was pre-season or not, if you were lucky enough to score tickets, it was sa-weet!  Not so much anymore now, what with the way the Packers and Brett Favre split from each other.  I'm so mad at both parties!!!!!  It didn't have to end that way with Favre wearing the wrong color green for this season!  Mistakes were made by both sides, but still........ *#(@^)#&  Now I have to go get one of those car flags to hang on the pole with my Packers flag.  Maybe I won't fly any football flags this season!   #(*$^@&  again!  Sorry, venting here!  On to other things.

I did manage to get a couple pictures (better ones than I had!) in between all the four-wheeling, biking, and swimming that was going on here the last few weeks.  Here's a look at the dress.    The first picture is an almost full length view, the second is a closer - up of the chest area, and if I can get it squeezed in here, the third one is a closer-up of the lower portion of the skirt.  This was done in size 50 thread, and I had made a bonnet and booties to go with it.  I had shown this to Jean Leinhauser in NH, and she loved it!  Dora Ohrenstein made (ordered) me to do it!   I was a big chicken.  I'm still dripping feathers every now and then.  LOL  Or should I say shedding?!  Either way.

My niece wore this for her baptism 12 years ago, and Missyboo wore it for her baptism 6 years ago.  Boy, talk about August going fast!!!!!!!  It's hard to believe it's been that many years since I made it! 

This was from a pattern book that was a "variety" thread book.  I wish I could remember the name of it!  I made the usual mistake of lending it out, then not remembering to whom.  It hasn't come home yet.  The only thing I can remember about the book is that it was a full-sized soft cover, tan/beige in color, and had anywhere from 50 - 80 pages in it.  Some of the patterns included were this dress, called Victorian Baby Dress, an "antique" baby heart bib, jar covers, towel edgings, runners, doilies, and several others that I can't remember.  The book is at a minimum, 12 years old, as my niece will be 13 this year, but I don't remember if it was Leisure Arts, American School of Needlework, or Annie's Attic.  If this dress looks familiar to anyone, or if the book description sounds familiar, please drop me a line!!!!

Have a nice night!  :)

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