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Doris Chan Day

The Ohio pick-up is now complete.  It's official.  I now have two confirmed pool rats in the house!  lol

Anyway, back to the conference.  It's amazing to me that there is so much to say about this thing, so many ways to say it, and so many different points of view!  It's been fun for me to read others'  "reports", and get their take on the same things I've seen, and to hear about the things that I missed.  But today I want to talk about Doris.  The one and only Ms. Chan.  What an absolutely amazing lady!  I'm guessing it will be a long post!

My roomie, Karen, and I first spotted her outside the hotel.  We knew it was her because of her coloring.  The salt and pepper on top, and the pink and yellow on the bottom.  We stepped outside to say hi, and for Karen to talk a bit with her CGOA mentor.  Now how lucky was Karen?!  ( I got a new mentor, too, during this week, but thats another story!)  Karen had made one of Doris' tops, but had changed the lower portion to knit, rather than sticking with 100% crochet.  It turned out fantastic.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of it, and it does no justice whatsoever.  Here Doris is modeling the top in Dee's room.  Doris later modeled one of Karen's original designs during the Fashion Show on Saturday.  I'm bumming about not having a picture of that one!!!

Doris also modeled a fantastic dress made by Tammy HIldebrand.  Nice job, Tammy!!!!!  Let's see if I can get my picture of that one in here, too.  Doris modeled quite a few outfits that day, one gorgeous outfit after another!  Another pic that does no true justice.  The one shot I had of the right side/back of this dress was so blurry, I had a hard time seeing what it was!

Doris now has her own MyMichael's page with her designs.  I wanted to try my hand at her Lacy Duster, but it was the only one posted without gauge.  I mentioned that on Ravelry, and she posted right back what it should have been.   Great!  Now I can go to it!  I actually finished it just before going to the conference, and I didn't see anyone else with one at all until Saturday night!  How shocking!  The jacket is gorgeous!.  But I did get to model mine for Doris on PDD.  She checked it all out, and pronounced: "Gorgeous!  Great job!"  I glowed!.  lol  She even posted about it on her blog!  And did a good job on remembering names! 

I actually entered one of her designs in the fashion show.  I had converted her Jewel top from Everyday Crochet into a beach cover-up for Missyboo.  Smallest size was women's XS.  I downsized it more to fit a child, and added more length to it.  It turned out pretty well.  Then I was kind of embarrassed about it after seeing all the other original designs that were displayed.  Like I said in an earlier post, "Ah well, live and learn!"  Missyboo loves it, and it worked out great on the Ohio trip, since we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park/hotel for the weekend.  It's a cooold walk back to the rooms thru the A/C when you're wet!  So here's my final picture for today.  The Jewel Beach Cover-up modeled by Missyboo.  Dee Stanziano's daughter, Mini Dee was kind enough to model it for me in NH.

I had seen Doris later in the week and stopped to ask her why she was wearing matching sneakers.  She started laughing and replied that she didn't have a pair of pink and yellow of that brand to mix and wear.  Dee Jr. asked her on Saturday why she was wearing one pink and one yellow sneaker.  She replied that she gets asked that many times, and that she likes to wear them that way.  They are both favorite colors and she could wear both of them that way.  Then SHE asked HIM, "Why not?"  I liked that response.  A new motto for me:  Why Not?

Time for me to get the pool rats moving for the day and figure out what we're going to be munching on.

Hope you all have a good day.  :)

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