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And MORE Musings

I've been checking out some of the other blogs concerning the conference, and I came to one conclusion: Lordy, I wish I had worked my camera more than I did!  There were SO many things I missed!  By the time I got the camera out, turned on and ready to go, the moment, or person, or object had passed!  Boohoo!  Next time I go I think I'm going to get a WHOLE bunch of those disposable ones and just keeping shooting!  Ah well, live and learn!  Here are a couple more from last week.

Here's Dee Stanziano, the Cheerleader of Crochet.  She's also one of the founding members of my local crochet guild.  This was her first time teaching at the conference, and I was glad I took two of her offered classes.  Knit your Crochet, (just kidding, Dee!)  It was really called Crochet Your Knits.  And I'll tell ya, those stitches really did look like they came from needles rather than a hook!  The other class I took was Hand Jive.  We actually had a bit of a "dance" lesson at the start and finish of the class!  I taught Missyboo how to do this type of yarn work after I got home, and she was SO tickled that she was "doing it myself", she kept waking Hubby up from his nap to take a look at what was hanging from her fingers!  (I don't think I succeeded very well in not laughing.  Sorry, Hubby!!)  Thank you, Dee!  :D 

Woohoo, Dee, I just realized you used this picture as your new avatar on Ravelry!  It did turn out pretty well, didn't it? (blowing on fingers and rubbing on shirt front, all with a very big grin on my face!  lol)

Ok, next up on the list is a picture of me with Kim Kotary.  Kim just had a new book come out, You Can Crochet Socks.  They're pretty cool looking socks, too!  I got to meet Kim at one of Dee's "after-hours".  Then it seemed like I was running into her every day after that.  Hi, Kim!  I'm telling you, I met some of the neatest people all in one place during the course of one week! 

Now I need to go so I can take some more pictures of my niece's christening gown that I made a few years ago.  Then it gets to go back home to my sister's.   We'll be meeting up with my sister and niece this weekend in Ohio, then my sister will be going back to Wisconsin, and I'll have TWO pool rats in my house for the next month!  That should prove interesting.

So....have a good night!  :)

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Thanks for mentioning me.

August 25, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKim Kotary

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