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More Conference Musings

Let's see if I can get a couple more pictures loaded up in here from the conference.

Ok, I had a bit of succes here, but with only one picture.  Yay!  Better than none at all! This is a picture of Rita Weiss, wearing her gorgeous antique bridal jacket done in Irish Crochet.  Someone had asked her where she had gotten it from, and her reply was: "A garbage can."  She then went on to elaborate that the garbarge can was at Jean Leinhauser's house, and that Jean stores all her lace in covered garbage cans to keep them dry and "pest" free.  Hmmm.....was that supposed to include Rita?  ;D

I already mentioned I had taken a class with Dora Ohrenstein and Joan Davis.  I had also taken a class with Nancy Nehring on designing garments and the basic shapes most clothing uses.  That was a neat class.  I had never really paid a whole lot of attention to the finer details for tailoring a garment.  

A day later I realized that a sweater I was wearing was almost an exact copy of one of Nancy's handouts from class!  I saw Nancy for a brief moment that day, but I didn't get a chance to talk to her about it, and say, "See, I was paying attention in class!" because of all the people talking to her. 

Another class I took was with Lily Chin about tips, tricks and hints in crocheting.  She definitely had some pretty amazing tips, tricks and hints to share with us!  She will also have a new book coming out next year that sounds like a continuation of where she left off in Couture Crochet Workshop.  That class was a lot of fun.

My poor roomie, Karen, and I were lucky if we made it to bed before midnight each night!  What with classes, dinner, and the "after hours" get-togethers in Dee's room, and SO many interesting people to meet and talk to in between everything else!  That week went by very fast!

More again later.  Gots me some WORK to do!  lol

Have a good night.  :)

Reader Comments (2)

Hi Nancy! I'm enjoying your conference blogging and I'm going to link to it in my next blog entry. I'm glad you enjoyed Dora's class, and you might be the only one who has posted a full-length back view of Rita's exquisite jacket.

July 30, 2008 | Unregistered Commentervashti

Hi Vashti! It was a pleasure to meet you last week! I'll send you the pics from Dee's after-hour with your shawl. :)

July 31, 2008 | Registered CommenterNancy

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