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First Visit to WEBS

WOW!!!!!  Just went to the WEBS store in Northhampton MA yesterday with Dee and Grace from my crochet club.  While there, we ran into another member of the club too, Karen.  I have never seen so much yarn in one place before!!!!  WOW!!! 100_1634.jpg All types, all kinds, different brands, fat ones, skinny ones, naturals and synthetics.  Inside and outside.  There was more yarn outside than most of the yarn stores I've ever been too.  Then there was the showroom floor.  THEN there was the back room.  Or should I say, warehouse!  Of course a big bag of it followed me to the car.  That should be enough to keep me busy stitching for a while!  At least I hope so. 

I even found some great dark olive colored Lily Chin Gramercy to make something up for Hubby.  But just to play it safe, I cut off a piece for him to wear under his watchband for a while, and in his waistband for awhile just to make sure he wasn't going to break out from superwashed merino wool.  So this morning he tells me he forgot to remove the piece from under his watchband, and there was no problem from it.  WOOHOO!  So I think we're a lot closer to saying his wool allergy is more from the oils side than the fiber side!  I'll have to look around some more and see if I can find just the right contrast color for his new sweater-to-be.  There was a lighter green, but I didn't like the two mixed, and there was no off-white or beigey-tan type color available, only bright white.  stash.jpg

Missyboo now has a few things coming to her too!  She picked out a gorgeous cranberry colored chunky yarn, and I added a multi-colored thread to mix with it.  There should be enough of both to maybe make something for Grandma too, as she likes those colors almost as much as Missyboo does.  I also picked up some summery colored heavy thread to make her a beach cover-up for the summer.  Oooo, since my niece is coming for the summer, and there should be enough to squeeze out two..........!

I even found a really pretty light blue Zaffiro mix of cotton, viscose and silk for me.  Wait a minute...did I say ME?!  I did, I did!  That will be a change.  Every time I say for me, it never is.  It always has someone else's name on it.  lol

Karen, did you finish buying out the store from what we left for you?!  LOL  Dee, thanks for suggestion of a field trip!  Missyboo and I had a great time.  She conked out pretty early last nite, too!  Must have been from her allergies. ;D 

Have a good day.  :)

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