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Puppy Dog Tails

Missyboo has her school Spring Recital tonite.  Everyone in her grade is supposed to dress up as Disney dogs for the show.  So we took a trip to the local party store only to find out they don't carry costumes except for Halloween.  Too bad.  They would have picked up quite a bit more business from everyone for this school event.  But we did find a headband with Scooby-do ears attached.  (good thing Missyboo likes Scooby!  She wanted to be a poodle.) 

Then we pondered what we could do for a tail.  AHA!  says I. I had some brown cotton yarn and some brown fun fur yarn in my stash, 100_1544.jpg                              


and there was still a good supply of pipe cleaners in the drawer.  One tail coming up!  Quick and easy.  Personally I think it looks more like a lion tail rather than a dog! But I suppose it could be sortakinda considered a type of poodle tail, too, depending on how you look at it.   Ah well!  At least she'll have a tail.   lol 

When Missyboo got home from school and saw her tail, she was quite pleased with it!  Whew!!!!

After it was all done, I was trying to figure out how to attach it to Missyboo's backside.  I had left a fairly long tail on it when done, and her school belt is a braided one, so.......I used the leftover tail and sewed it to the belt between the braids.  It seems to be ok that way.  She wore it around the house for the rest of the night!  :D 


It will be fun to watch her and the others singing tonite all dressed up.  That reminds me, I have to go back to the party store to get grease paint for her face!!!!!  Eesh, better get going!  Talk to you later!  :D


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How cute -- and inventive!!!

May 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDee

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