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Time is Flying!!

Oh my!  I just realized it's been almost two weeks since my last post!  Eesh!  Where's the time going to?  I went to my Sunday-go-to-Guild-meeting this past weekend.  That was the fewest people I've ever seen there since I started!  I thought for sure I forgot to set the clock back!  We had a good time anyway.  Sort of a SnB type meeting.  I turned in 12 more chemo hats, so I think I did fairly well for the start of the year on my charity projects.  That 12 puts me up to 25 for the year so far.  I have a few preemie blankets done also, but not the hat and booties to go with them.  Yet!  They should be ready for next month's meeting.

Priscilla, my sock-knitting teacher wasn't able to make it for this month's meeting, so my socks will have to wait a while longer before they learn to become a "well-heeled" pair.  (pun was intended!  teehee)  I'll see if I can get a picture of them on here.  If I do, don't laugh!  100_1409.jpgThe pattern says to stop about 2" before the end of the heel.  So I did.  I think.  It's kinda hard to tell since I still have the knitting cables running thru them, and every time I bent over to measure, the "darn" things (sorry!) {G} kept heading for my toes!  And if it wasn't that, the looped ends kept rolling over on me!  I think you need 2 pair of hands for knitting and measuring these kind of things!  lol  I used some Lion Brand Magic Stripes sock yarn that I found in my stash, and wouldn't you know it?  I was at AC Moore's the other day, and they don't even carry it anymore!!!  ( how do you show a raspberry in computereeze?  :-p= ?  ) It's pretty neat watching the stripes show up without my planning it!

We had some pretty bad weather here over the weekend.  Especially on Saturday with LOTS of rain and high winds.  By nightfall, the rains had stopped, but the wind hadn't.  Of course, Hubby, Missyboo and I had to go out in the mess.  (whatcha-gonna-do shrug)  When we got home, we found some branches in the driveway really really close to my car.  After taking a quick look around it, the car seemed ok.  The next morning I went out to get my crochet bag from the car.  When I shut the car door, I heard this tinkling kind of sound.  I thought to myself, that's an odd noise for tree bark to make falling down off the roof.  I turned around to look, and it wasn't tree bark at all.  It was my side window. 100_1415.jpg The vacuum created in the car by shutting the door popped the center of the window right out!  Looked like someone was inside and used their foot sideways to kick out the glass.  So the glass man finally got here today to fix the hole.  It was supposed to be done yesterday, but for whatever reason, they thought I had clear glass instead of tinted.  So I had to wait another day for them to get a tinted window.  And believe you me!  I looked real hard before I sat in the car afterwards to make sure all the glass pieces were out, and I wasn't going to sit in any bird or bat do!  lol

Only one more week to go before registration time for classes at the CGOA conference in NH.  WooHoo!  I have mine planned, or should I say plotted, out already.  Now to see if I can make that happen!  {VBG}  I'll bet a lot of other people are waiting for the same thing!  I have to hurry up and get my projects started that I want to take with me!  Eeek!

Oh, and before I forget, at Sunday's meeting I was telling one of the women about this new jacket designed by Tammy Hildebrand for Caron yarns.  What a beauty!!!!  Lots of rich texture, and a gorgeous plum color!  Yummy.  Check it out here.  Let me know what you think of it!

Have a good night.  :)

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The socks look good. I think they are long enough. At least they seem to come up to the start of your heel in the picture, which is where they should be.

I really like the sweater you link too, also. Beautiful color and texture. I'm not sure I would ever have the fortitude to make it, though!

March 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPriscilla

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