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I Was So Embarrassed!

Well, I really stuck my foot, er, fingers, in it this time.  I was looking thru my new Crochet! magazine, and recognized one of the names on a pattern.  I had "talked" to her a few times on CGOA Professional Members at Yahoo Groups, and thought I would send her a "Congratulations on being published" note.  So I did.  Do I need to tell you I named the wrong pattern in my note to her?!  She was soooo kind and sweet and nice about it, too, when she wrote back!  I was even more embarrassed when I realized that I had typed the words from a conversation my hubby and I were having about another pattern in the mag instead of what pertained to the lady I was writing to.  Felt like I was back in high school learning to take dictation again.  Found out I can't always walk and chew gum at the same time!  (disheartened sigh) LOL

Anyway, she and I have been having some wonderful email conversations the last few days, and she has now become a new member on Ravelry!  Congrats, again!!!  You are sooo going to love/hate that site!  (VBG)  When I say hate, I only mean that you will be amazed at how much time has slipped by un-noticed before you realize it's been awhile since you got up to take a break from the screen.  (it was dark when I started, it's now breaking daylight.  oh no!)  But it will be worth it, what with the feast your eyes will be taking in at all the different projects, and types of projects!, people have posted on the site.

On a different note -  Dee, Jr., I'm sending you my condolences on your Patriots losing in the Super Bowl.  I feel your pain!  The snowball deal still stands tho!  Next year it will be your Pats and my Packers at the big game.

Have a good night.  :)

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