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July's CGOA Conference

I'm so excited!! It's almost time to go to "summer camp" for a week!  The class list for this year's CGOA Conference came out a couple of days ago for preview.  And I did, I did!!!  I have my schedule all picked out!  Do you?!  ;-D

My "roomie" and I decided we were going to see if we could get into our hotel room a day earlier than we had reserved for, and so far, it's a go!  So instead of leaving at 5am and hurrying to get there in time for Professional Day, we'll be having a nice, sedate road trip.  (Hey Roomie, you ARE aware we're taking turns driving, aren't you?  You won't be the only one to be stitching on the way up!  or back!  lol)

Two members of my crochet guild chapter will be teaching at the conference this year!  Congratulations to Dee Stanziano and Margaret Hubert !  Dee will be teaching some basic crochet classes, how to crochet backwards, how to "Crochet Your Knits", and how to do finger crochet.  Margaret will be teaching classes on free-form, embellishments, meshing, and "Beyond Scarves".  I hope you ladies will be able find time for a class or two!!  And are able to stay up for the dinner and fashion shows!!!  :D 

As for my sock from my Sunday Lesson, yes, Priscilla, I am ready for my first heel!!  But I didn't get as far as I wanted to today on my second sock, so I'll be playing catch-up tomorrow.  But by the time we have our next chapter meeting, both will be ready for heels!  Hey, don't blame me if you're a good teacher!  ;-D

Have a good night.  :)

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