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Busy, busy weeks!

I will be sooo happy when April gets here!  Then I will be officially done with being Cookie Mom for Missyboo's Brownie Troop!  I will be picking up over 1000 boxes of cookies, then dividing them up to each individual girl!  Good thing we had put an addition on the house!  lol

Besides doing the cookie thing, I've made up 10 more chemo hats for my crochet club and a couple of preemie blankets.  Now I need to get the matching booties and hats done for the blankets! 

One of the groups I belong to on Ravelry had a thread going about how most people that don't crochet seem to think it's still stuck in the 70's.  So I made a 70's throwback beanie hat as a joke for a "daughter's revenge" for the goofy granny vests I had to wear back then.  I just posted it the other day and it's already been favorited!  Boy was I surprised that someone actually liked it, and so fast, too!  I'll have to see if I can get the pic posted here.  Every time I look at it I start laughing and saying EEEWWWW! to myself.  And I made it!  LOL

100_1397.jpg   100_1406.jpg   I also found out this week that I received the "Set My Picot Free" award from the Crochet Liberation Front this past week for one of the sweaters I had posted some pictures of.  I was so surprised about that!!!!  That was soo cool!!!!!  To have one of mine singled out from all the fantastic projects available to look and see, and drool over, and to oohh and aaahh.                        

I also just finished up a cape for Missyboo to wear around the house when she gets chilly instead of dragging her blanket all around.  She gets tired of me telling her to put on a sweater if she's cold.  So far it seems to be working pretty well for her today!  She's wearing it right now over sleeveless nightie.  I guess she's ready for bed shortly!  lol

It also got me to thinking that with just a bit of tweaking, it could possibly be a child/adult size kind of thing all in one garment.  Hmmm....gonna have to play around with that a bit!  I've already been informed tho that I need to get my own yarn for that, because she's not giving the cape back now!

I'm looking forward to this Sunday, too.  Three of the ladies from my crochet club are coming over to my house for an informal knitting lesson.  I had inherited a few sets of double pointed needles and regular straight pointy sticks.  I can use the sticks, but have no clue how to use the dp's.  My aunt had shown me years ago, but that got lost in the Swiss cheese memory holes in my head.  Should be a fun time.  I think we're going to be doing a sock pattern.  I actually found some sock yarn in my stash, so that would be a good thing ~ make room for a fresh supply!  :D

Well, let me play around to see if I can get the pics loaded here, then it's time to fix up supper for the two of us.  Missyboo and I went to Wendy's last night for supper while Hubby was working.  So we surprised him with a chili.  It smelled so gooood in the car that I think I'm going to be making some this weekend!

Have a good night.  :)

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