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What I've Been Doing

I hope you've all had a good Thanksgiving week/weekend this year!

It's been a while since I've written anythin here, so here's a bit of an update.

I've been busy working and re-working one of my patterns that's going to be published, and finally got it to the point I was happy with it. The first one was SOOOO easy, lol, but the second one drove me NUTS!!! So once I find out when it will be ok to do so, I'll post here and on Ravelry that two new patterns will be available. :D

I joined Dee's challenge, 60 Scarves in 60 Days, very late last year, and was able to make 4 scarves. It's now in it's 5th year! This year, I was able to get 9 done - five for Special Olympics, and four for the Salvation Army drive that my guild does annually. Those four also included matching hats. All were in various sizes to cover small-medium-large. The last time I looked on Ravelry, the count there was 421! And that doesn't include the total from those doing this challenge that are NOT on Ravelry. Have you gotten a grand total yet, Dee?

I had made some chemo hats for my 13yr. old niece's friend, who has leukemia. My sister called the other day to give me an update on the hats. Olivia is now bald from her treatments, and she loved her hats. I was also told that the three I made her are the only ones she will wear because they don't make her head itch! So.... if any of you are making chemo hats, I used Country.  She loved the colors and styles, and they fit well now that she's "hairless". Olivia and her mother both want to know if I could make some more for her.  Gladly! I get to do some in red, purple and orange this time! (oooohh, the possiblities with that color combo!!!)

This past week, I've been making preemie hats and booties and blankets like mad. Our guild meets in a conference room at a hospital, and the hospital does not charge us money. They just ask that we contribute chemo hats to their Cancer Center, and preemie sets for the maternity ward. So far I've got nine sets done, and hope to get at least one more set done this weekend. Then next week I'll be moving on to a full week of chemo hats. I'll be turning them in at our December meeting next week.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet around here yarn-wise!

Have a good night. :D


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