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Not Sure I'm Liking This...!

I'm not too sure I'm liking all my pictures on CD.  For backup and "savings", it's great, but oh, man, what a pain to get them loaded elsewhere!!!  I've regained about 10% of space on my hard drive since last night, and let me tell ya, it took me all day!  I couldn't get my pictures in my picture program to burn to CD no matter what I tried!  It always came back to say "sorry, there was an error".  So.......

Using a couple of flash drives plugged into the USB, I was able to drag and drop the pictures and videos, then taking those to Hubby's laptop and burning the CDs on his.  Guess what, it worked fine!  But not on mine!!!  I don't want a new computer!  I like this one fine!  (bawling)

Anyway, I've got one new picture to show you!  (It would take me another 15 minutes of searching the CD to find the ones of Dee petting the yarns in Rhinebeck, but I will find them!) This is a top I made for Missyboo over the summer.  Bet you could'nt guess that it's in her favorite color! lol

One of these days I'll actually go back over it to write the pattern.  I think I would like one for me in MY size!

It's a bit on the big size for her right now, but she'll be able to wear it with a top underneath during the winter months and by next summer, it will (hopefully) fit her just fine.

I want to take a moment here to tell my old roomie: CONGRATULATIONS!  on having her Pineapple Shawl published!  It turned out beautiful, Karen.  You can see a lot more of her great projects if you're on Ravelry.  Her name there is Karend325.  Check them out!  You'll love 'em.

I've been driving myself nuts these last couple of months on two projects I sold while I was at the CGOA Conference in NH this past summer.  I wouldn't have thought it would be soooo much trouble for me to get the pattern straight!!!!!!!  But, perseverance paid off.  The only thing left to do now is write up the patterns from my notes and ship them off! I'll give a heads up when they get to be public.

Well, back to trying to fix my 'puter!

Have a good day.  :D


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