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I Thought It Was Cured!

I've been having problems with my computer lately. It keeps telling me I'm running out of room on the hard drive. "Low Space" I can't figure out why. I've checked on clearing out unneeded files, etc., and I still have that problem. Hubby bought me an external hard drive so I could move my picture program and pictures to it, but the computer doesn't "read" that drive. But it works on his laptop. Go figure.

Then last night he bought me a new "micro" computer. It weighs all of 2 pounds! A little Acer notebook. What a time getting the plugin modem to load up! But that's been taken care of. The only problem now is the external hard drive does not have a CD slot, and neither does the new Acer. I'll have to see if I can load my camera program onto Hubby's laptop, then move it to the external hard drive, then plug that into the Acer. Oh boy! This techno stuff is really taxing my abilities! lol

I thought I would try loading my camera card straight into the Acer and go from there to show some pictures from Rhinebeck. But card is too small for the slots available. (boohoo blubbering getting started) Now I have to wait until next fall to go the state fair and get a new pair of ultra pointed tweezers. The points don't stay real straight when they're used for other than intended purposes. But I got my card out again!

Anyways......I had an absolute blast at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. I went to a workshop with Lily Chin on Thursday before the festival, and part of the fee included a two day pass to get in. I car pooled with Grace from my crochet guild on Saturday, and we eventually met up with a few other women from the guild there. Margaret Hubert met up with us, and between the three of us, we knew quite a few people there! Jen wasn't sure if she would be going because of allergies/cold, but she did make it. When we caught up with her, she was in line waiting to pay for an arm load of yarn! Or was it a two-arm load?!

We ran into Doris Chan in the "food court" area, and Judy Pascale over by some of the outbuildings.

After doing a lot of sightseeing and petting, Margaret, Grace and I decided to have a treat. Some ice cream. It was absolutely delicious. But it didn't warm us up any! lol I don't think it was much over 55 degrees, and let me tell you, that wind was bloooowing!!!

I felt bad for Dee Stanziano. She wasn't able to make it on Saturday because of a migraine, but I called her on Sunday to see how she was doing, then twisted her arm to leave her nice warm cozy home to go up and out to the festival. We had a real good time too! But I'll warn you now--she takes sneaky pictures when you're not looking! (I've got a couple good shots of Dee doing some serious petting of yarns. Wish I could show you!)

It wasn't nearly as cold and blowy on Sunday. So I got to show her a bit of what was where, do some eating and more sight seeing, and meet up with a lady from Australia, who was stateside visiting one of her children in NYC.  It timed out perfectly for her to finally get the the festival.  All the other times, she was too early, or too late. She said she had a blast in a knitting workshop with Lily Chin.

Well I'd better let you go!  It's time for Missyboo and I to hit the sack.

Have a good nite.  :)


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