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Rhinebeck Fiber Festival

Well it's that time of year again!  Head to the fairgrounds for the annual NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  Woohoo!  I got an early start already as I just took one of Lily Chin's workshops yesterday on Aran Crocheting with a girlfriend.  ( of course I forgot to use the camera I actually remembered to bring with me! ).  We were a few minutes into our first homework swatch when both my girlfriend and Lily wanted to know why I was taking that class as I whipped thru the swatch.  CHARTING!!!!!!! 

I love doing textured crocheting, but haven't  didn't have a clue on how to chart it up a bit better than I had been.  Now I do.  Lily came up with a beautiful way to do so, and it's without all the excess "picturing" some charts get into, nor are all the words getting in the way as it would be for just written patterns.

Now I can make sense out of all the cable-ing (sp?) patterns I can see in my head translated to paper for ease of working!  Thank you, Lily!!!  (as for the camera, I did actually get one picture taken, when my girlfriend, Lily and I were the only ones left in the room.  Of course I had trouble doing that correctly as the first try was done by clicking the power button and wondering why the camera turned off,  rather than clicking the "picture taking" button.  sheesh!  duh!!!)

I'll be going to the festival on Saturday with some of my friends from my crochet guild, and meeting up with some other friends there also.  It will be time for some major ooohhing and aaahhing and drooling.  Hope I remember my bib!  lol  Hubby is hoping none of the animals follow me home.  Missyboo is hoping some of them do!  ( I am too! )  But she isn't interested spending the day wandering around looking at yarns and other assorted sundries, and she eagerly abandoned me when Gramma invited her to stay for the weekend.  :-(

I still have plans on converting one of Jane Sneddon Peevers patterns from More Crocheted Aran Sweaters into a MUCH lighter weight yarn, and this time I will not wait to make my purchase until after all the looking around was done like I did last year.  I had found the perfect yarn I wanted to do this with, but did not want to carry it around with me all day.  I found it in the first booth I visited.  BIG mistake to do that!!!  I couldn't remember which building I was in, nor the name of the "company"!  sigh..........  And I will be bringing my camera with me in the hopes I remember to turn it on, and not to use the power button to snap the pics! 

Have a nice day!  : )

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