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More "Hairy" Chemo Hats

I finally got the camera out of hibernation, so I figured I'd show you a couple more pictures of my "Hairy" chemo hats.  These were made more for the pre-teen and tween sizes in mind.  Figured they might get a kick out of "changing hats, changing hair" 100_1272.jpgall at one time.  They're being sent down to St Judes Hospital for Children. 100_1294.jpg I hope they give me some feedback on them - good or bad.  That way, either I'll  make more "Hairys", or I won't.  They are kinda cute, dontcha think?  ;-p  The blonde with the headband reminds me of me looking in the mirror in the mornings with all my turkey tails sticking up all over. 

Well I tried out my first testing pattern for a lady in Ravelry, and am about to get started on my second one.  The first was a capelet, and I used a baby alpaca yarn since the wraps per inch were the same.  And oooohhh, that alpaca is sooooo soft!  The way the stitching was done, it has a great "squish between the fingers" going on.  You know what I mean, when you squeeze your fingers around a piece to see how it feels.  Like a kitten kneading for a soft spot.  This has it!  The second will involve felting my second ever bag.  That pattern looks pretty neat too!  Good luck on both patterns, ladies, and thanks for letting me test on them!

If you're not a member of Ravelry yet, whatcha waitin' for?!  Sign up today! Its a free site.  Boy, talk about getting lost "window shopping" on different fiber projects of any sort you can think of.  Drool, drool, sigh, ooohs and aaahs galore right along with smiles and giggles.

Time to snooze and get a couple extra hours in.  I don't have to work tomorrow since Missyboo has her first school play and I get to go.  Yay!  One of the few things I get to do school-wise with/for her.  I walked in the door this afternoon and the first thing she asked me was: "Well, did they say yes?"  (meaning did I get my personal day approved)  I think I need a chiropractor to fix what she undid with the major hugs I got!

Have a good night.  :)

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