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Granny Squares

Hi to y'all!

I didn't realize it had been so loonng since my last post!!!!  Where did the time go?!  Oh wait a minute, I think I do know.  It went past me while I was laid out on the living room floor, sewing GRANNY SQUARES together!  They are not my favorite thing in the world to make, and if the project was mine, it would not be done, not with my hooks anyway!  LOL  In the last 4 weeks I have made two blankets, one with 56 squares and the other with 81 squares.  The 56 square wasn't so bad, the squares were pretty decent sized with Vanna's Choice yarns.  But the other one..........sock thread!  81 of them darn things (darn = sew = arrggh) with sock thread (excuse me, yarn!)  I need new eyeballs!!!  Or better yet, a good whack on the back so the eyeballs will uncross. ;P  But I have to admit, after all the sewing was done, they looked pretty darn [ (= sew = ) not again ] good!

But I desperately needed to get away from SQUARES, so I took some of my stash to work with me and made Missyboo a modified hooded scarf like mine, and a chemo hat for my CGOA chapter's hat drive.  It felt sooooo good to make something rectangular, angular and circled!  (poink)  Oops, sorry about that, one eyeball uncrossed itself!  Maybe if I make a couple more chemo hats tomorrow, the other will revert to "normal" vision!  I'll be getting the pics up as soon as I get a few more hats done. 

I also need to get started on a few projects for me to take/wear for the CGOA conference in NH this summer.  I've got a room booked already, and I can hardly wait for the class schedule to come out.  I want to see now so that I have time to drool over all the choices, then look in the pocketbook to see how many I can squeeze in.

Well, Dee Jr., I'll be standing still for you to give it your best shot with 3 snowballs, after that its fair game!  And I was SO positive the Superbowl would be with my Packers and your Patriots this year!  Ah well, there's always next year.  ;D

Have a good night.  :)


Reader Comments (2)

Well, those snowballs are packed and ready! Name the place and wear your best tie-on snow hat! LOL

Pats or Giants? Who you rooting for now? I'm Patriots all the way! Guessing a 19-0 season. That would be great!

I'm predicting the score to be 35-32; Pats. If I'm wrong I'm buying yarn for Mom.
~Dee Jr.

January 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDee

Just finished my hooded scarf, so I'm ready!!! :D

Gotta go with the G-men, stay in NFC. Now if they don't play a full 4 quarters like the last regular season game.......

Whatcha gonna make for Mom with the new yarn?

January 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

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