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Sunday Meetings

Sunday Meeting #1:   

We had our monthly chapter meeting today at the Danbury Hospital.  We had a "chemo hat in the round" workshop today.  I also found out that none of the cancer patients registered are children.  They're all adults.  So all my "Hairy" chemo hats are going to St Jude's in Tennessee.  I've got my fingers crossed that we'll hear a bit of feedback on them, because if the kids like "Hairy", I'm more than willing to make more of them!  :D  (hey look mom, change my hat, change my hair color!)

A few of the ladies and I also discussed getting together in Feb for some (gasp!) knitting lessons.  One of the ladies does both crochet and knitting, and she was kind enough to be the "volunteer" teacher.  You're a brave one, Priscilla!  (hope we didn't twist too hard on your arm!)  It should be an interesting day!  I might even be able to use these four large, metal toothpicks I managed to pick up somewhere or other.  ;}

I also got some new yarn for my stash from others who brought theirs in to start de-stashing.  Missyboo loves the colors I brought home.  "What will you make me from that one, Mom?"  Hmmmm.......  Thanks for sharing, Ladies!

Sunday Meeting #2:     

I belong to a group on Ravelry called Crochet Liberation Front, and one of the moderators has started a blogring for any and all members of CLF who are interested to join their crochet-related blogs to the ring.  I actually managed to get mine up and running!  I'm so proud of myself!  (thanks for the help, Laurie! :D)  So all you CLF-ers out there, get together! Get on Ravelry, click on the blogring thread, join up!

Sunday Meeting #3:   

NY Football Giants vs Dallas Cowboys.  Yay Giants!  Watch out, Dee Jr., my Packers are one step closer to that Feb. 3rd meeting with the Patriots! {VVBG}


Have a good night!  :)


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