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Snow Day/Night

WOW!  Was yesterday's snow storm unexpected, or was I the only one NOT expecting it?  And it was only the teeny, tiny bits of snowflakes!  But what a MESS they made!!!  After I finished work yesterday in Brewster, I was supposed to meet up with some ladies from my crochet club to make a delivery to the Salvation Army in Danbury.  First, I didn't have too much trouble getting off the interstate where I needed to, but then I couldn't find the Dunkin Donuts we were to meet at.  Soooo I called Hubby.  As I was describing my whereabouts to him, he told me it seemed like I might have gone too far.  So I turned around at the Walgreen's intersection.   I didn't have too much trouble turning around either.  Half a block away, traffic at a standstill.  Still talking to Hubby when he says hold on, another call coming thru.  It was Grace, one of the ladies I was to meet.  I hung up from Hubby, then started talking to Grace.  She gave me directions to SA, and when she said make a right by Walgreen's, I couldn't help but laugh.  I had made a LEFT there not too long ago!  By this time I had gone maybe 4 blocks from Walgreens.  It took me almost 1/2 hour to go back.  I sat at one intersection for 12 light changes!  So close!  I can see Walgreen's signs!  Oh come ON!!! already! 

But I did finally make it to the SA.  Dee had beat me there.  But that was quite alright by me.  I knew then I was in the right place!  Whew!!!  And it gave us time to find hat and mittens to go with the other four scarves I had made and brought with me.  I know, that was a bit on the sneaky side, but all for a good cause!  It ended up we had a total of 92! sets to go along with some toys that were collected, and because of the weather, more might be on their way still!  Hurray!! That should help some of the children stay warm for this winter. 

I did get to be an elf.  I had no luck whatsoever finding my Santa hat.  So I wore the next best thing - my Packers stocking hat.  Hey, it had a bell on the end of it!  Jingle, Jingle.  I also got to throw snowballs at Dee's kids!  <VVVBG!>  I got them pretty good, too!   :D    They got me also.  :(    But that's ok - I still won!!  (Muwahahahaha.)  I have plenty more snowballs where those came from, Mini Dee!  More for you, too, Dee, Jr.!  See parentheses above.

Aaaannd, when I did finally make it HOME!!!!  (what a sweet word and place) last night, and got rid of my monkey suit (work clothes), I DID get my bag packed for tomorrow's meeting with Lily Chin.  I DID remember to pack my book, too!  All those snowballs down the back of the neck didn't make me forget that!!!  Again, see above parentheses!

Have a good night. :)

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