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Almost Time for Lily!

OOoo, boya!  It's almost Sunday.  It's almost time for the monthly meeting of my CGOA chapter, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club.  Last month we were privileged to see, hear, and meet Doris Chan with her Every Day Crochet book, and this month, we get to see, hear, and meet Lily Chin!  WooHoo!  Two months in a row with some really neat ladies!  I think I'd better start packing my bag tonite for the meeting since I don't want to forget my copy of Lily's book, Couture Crochet workshop.  Old age is creeping up on me.  Or is it lack of sleep?  lol  Either way it should be another fun meeting.  :D  I'm hoping to get some good pictures, too.  Especially of a surprise for a certain someone!  {evil grin!!!}  Aaannd, if they turn out ok, I plan to get them posted.  ;b

Tomorrow some of the ladies from my club and I are going to the Salvation Army in Danbury, CT to help distribute some of the hat, scarf and mitten sets we made up for this year.  I know I have one around somewhere (just like my gloves), but I still can't find my Santa hat!  I guess I'll have to make do with my red Christmasy sweater and my green Packers stocking hat.  That way I can be an elf instead of a Santa!  According to Dee, we have a new record of 80 sets made up for this year!  WooHOO, three cheers for all of us!

So I'm leaving ya now. Got some digging and packing ta do so I can throw it all in the car NOW and be ready for Sunday without forgetting anything!  Have a good nite.  :)

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