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Surviving the Holidays

Hi!  It's been a while since the last post!  I didn't realize quite how long until I looked at the date of the last post.  It's been a loooonngg two weeks and at the same time, it was waaayyy too short.  I had been working on a set of 4 place mats for a friend's present, and just when I thought I had it under control, Hubby's work schedule was changed.  SO we had an early family/friends Christmas this year.  I only had three placemat done! 100_1240.jpg Oh NO!  So I packed three in the box, and told the friend that the fourth was still being worked on.  He could have it after the football game on Sunday.  lol  He thought that was a funny, especially since he comes to our house to watch the games.  But I did get it done in between all the hootin' and hollerin' at the TV!  It took me the whole game to do it, too, and all that was left was weaving in the loose ends and putting on the edging.  Getting slow in my old age!  lol 

I also managed to get three chemo hats for my local CGOA chapter done.  We're going to have a chemo hat-in-the-round workshop at our January meeting, and I hope to have a few more done by then.  From the sounds of it, there are over 1,000 cancer patients at the hospital where we meet in Danbury. 

Remember I said that I had seen a pattern that gave me a tickle?  Well here's a picture of my version from that pattern.  Actually it was a picture of a finished project that used two different patterns together, one a Fun Fur type hat and the other a headband placed over the Fun Fur hat.  Mine is an "all-together" one piece.  It actually turned out pretty cute.  I don't think the picture does it too much justice.  But that's for you to decide!  Have a look.  Let me know what you think of it.  It worked up pretty fast, too.  I plan on making several more similar to this in different colors and sizes.  Hopefully they will be a hit with the patients who will be picking out new hats


I've also started on some more preemie blankets during this past two weeks. One is done, and the second should be by the end of tomorrow.  I'm going to have to show Hubby my empty stash bags, with a sad face of course, and let him know it's time to go shopping.  I did get a gift card from AC Moore for Christmas after all.  And if I go over the gift card total, oh well, it's for a good cause!  :D  Who knows, maybe he'll go with me to give me a hand with "manly" colors.  lol  I know Missyboo will be happy to go.  She LOVES to pick out new colors of yarns.  As long as she gets a coloring book out of the deal.  lol  She's a hoot to go shopping with.  I think I'm gonna hate it when she gets to be a teenager!  :}

Hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas, and if I don't talk to you before, I hope you all have a very safe and Happy New Year!

Have a good night.   :)

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