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Snowy, Snowy Day

100_1116.jpgIt's snowing today.  It was supposed to start around 11am, but by 9:30 we already had a good 1" on the ground.  The prediction is for 5 - 10" of snow, possibly mixed with a bit of sleet or freezing rain.  We figured we would get the last of yesterday's running around done before it started, such luck!  We were half way done when the sky started spitting out the white stuff.  The traffic wound down to a crawl, but it was still better than last weekend coming back from our crochet club's donation delivery to Salvation Army in Danbury!!!  :D  After getting home, Missyboo told Hubby in no uncertain terms it was time to get the decorations out for trimming the tree.  What a perfect day to do so!  Hubby went out to take care of the driveway, and the two of us put some Christmas music on and decorated the tree and watched it snow, snow, snow.  It's a very pretty sight looking out the front windows across the street when it snows.  There's a couple of old barns and a big open field-type area around them that always reminds me of Currier and Ives pictures when it snows. We have about 6" of snow right now, and it's still coming down.  No rain so far!  Yay! I took these pictures around 3:00 before it got too dark to see out there.  The one below cracks me up since the big snow flakes turned out looking like big bubbles floating in the air in the picture!  I love being home, warm and snug, and watching it snow.

100_1117.jpgAs for pictures of Dee's new scarf, I'll have to see if I can get her to  post them on her blog.  She was nice enough to send them to me the other day, but for whatever reason beyond my computering skills, I couldn't get them to "Save" for nothing.  So I have copies  (oo, oo, light bulb, print them out, scan them back in!!!), but can't get them in here at the moment.  Good thing for me she's such a sweetie!  lol  And I'm SOOOO glad to hear she likes to wear it as much as she has been already!  That makes me feel like I got it done right!

Well, take care, stay warm. and drink lots of hot chocolate!  Have a good night. :)



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