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A Few Hours with Lily

WOW, again!  Lily was/is a neat lady!  I had a lot of fun at my HHCC meeting on Sunday listening to the one and only Lily Chin!  She has a lot of neat ideas that combine her knowledge of the garment industry (cloth) with her love of making "yarn clothing", whether it be knit or crochet.  She talked about her new book "Couture Crochet workshop" and how to incorporate "trade secrets" into each item to be able to customize the fit the best way for anyone to wear anything.  I was so glad to hear a famed professional say it was fine and dandy to use a hook a few sizes larger than called for on the labeling to create better draping and softness!  I always did get weird looks when I told people I did that alot!  It's slowly becoming more acceptable now.  Hurray!!!!  "Cause I'll tell ya, making clothing that stands up by itself is scary!   lol

Lily made a lot of points on different things you could do to make the clothes more fitting and more flattering to everyone's figure, such as using more vertical lines in the design, using "shading" in the color choices to highlight and "erase" different areas of the body, and using other than just straight lines for things like necklines, cuffs and hems.  Verrrryyyy interesting.  After Christmas, I hoping to do a lot of serious reading and hooking from that book of hers!

Andrea from Seaport Yarns came to the meeting with Lily, bringing with her a huge sampling of Lily's Signature Collection of yarns for everyone to ooh and aahh and pet and drool over.  We could buy it, too, which was even better!!  :D

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