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Another Turkey Done In

So....did you all eat too much for Thanksgiving again?!  I know I did, and each year I tell myself I won't don't it.  But the food is soooooo gooood!!!! Turkey, gravy, taters, sweet taters, beets, green beans, spinach (Iknow, yeeechk!) fresh hot biscuits.....I'm making myself hungry again - stop!  Oh yeah, and pies!  Yummmmm.

Of course, with all the cooking, eating, visiting and working, I haven't been doing my hooking.  But I did succeed in getting two new Graydog crochet hooks to add to my collection of one!  I ended up with two size P's, not really expecting to win either of them.  That's what I get for expecting!  I'll have to check in another hour or so to see if I won my fourth!  I'm trying to get my L - S sized hooks replaced.  I can't stand the "stick" of the yarn using the ones I have now.  If you've never seen a Graydog crochet hook before, go to Ebay and check them out.  Absolutely gorgeous! and handmade from woods, not that nasty, sticky plastic stuff.  Wonder if they could make a complete set from A to S on commission, hhhmmmmm.........

And my Packers won AGAIN!  Yay!!!!  Say what you will, I'm still calling for a Packers/Steelers Superbowl.  Let the Steelers knock out the Patriots in the playoffs.  (I know, I'm dreamin', but anything's possible in dreams!)

Have a good night!  :)

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