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What a Week!

Whew, what a week!  I'll be glad to go back to work just to rest up!  Spent this past week catching up on things that were put off because of Missyboo's being ill and appointments for different things that needed attending to.  Then it was time to get ready for both Missyboo and Hubby's birthday.  No "s".  They share the same day.  SO, according to hubby, he has no more birthdays, he gave them up to her.  HE gave them up?  Who was on the bed pushing and panting?!   lol  Then we had to get ready for a birthday party one of my girlfriends had for her daughters.  It was pretty neat.  She had a "cooking" party for about 15 girls.  Everything was all set up for them to make their own cookies.  The only thing they needed to do was roll the dough, cut the dough, and after baking, decorate!  They all had their little chef hats and aprons on with their own bowls of dough and flour, rolling pins and cookie sheets.  They got to pick out cookie cutter shapes from a huge assortment spread out on another table, and when done, exchanged them for different ones.   Girlfriend was smart - she opted to rent a place for the "event" rather than have it at home!  I think I would have done the same!  lol

With everything that was going on, I didn't get a chance to finish a hat I was making for Missyboo's present.  It was done once already, but it needed to be taken out almost to the crown again.  For some reason, it didn't stay the size it was supposed to.  Every time I had her try it on to check the sizing, it seemed to be fine.  But after I quit increasing, the hat didn't.  I don't think that yarn likes me very much.  lol  At least Missyboo still does.  She'll be happy the hat will be done tomorrow.  I'll have to get a picture posted of it once it's done.  It came out pretty cute the first time.  :D

I also re-arranged a bit in the picture gallery again.  One of the ladies in my crochet club asked everyone "What's your favorite pattern book to work from?"  Well mine at the moment is Jane Sneddon Peever's More Crocheted Aran Sweaters.  I have pictures of two of the patterns I've done from that book posted already, and I'm hoping to "borrow" some others from my DIL and get pictures of them, too!  I love almost every one of those patterns.  I can't wait to get busy on some more of them.

And my Packers won another game today!!  Hurray!!!!

Have a good night. ;D

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