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More Pictures

Hi Everyone!

I've added more pictures to the Gallery, in the My Designs section.  It includes my first (serious)(lol) effort at knitting in the round while having color changes, and making my first ever knitted hat.  (which was easier than I thought it would be)  The scarf is done in stockinette stitch, which, as seasoned knitters know and I finally figured out, is straight knitting, no purls!  I did the hat in the rib stitch on straight sticks, (now don't holler about terminology; I tell the chiropractor I'm ready for a crunching, too, not an adjustment!) using double strands of the yarn.  The hat was done in a couple of hours, and the scarf took me a couple of days.  Both were made for my local chapter's Hat, Scarf and Mittens drive for the Salvation Army.  I've got my fingers crossed a boy between 8 - 12 yrs old will pick it up for the winter. 

Now if I could only crochet a pair of dress shoes for my daughter!  She's going to be a flower girl at her cousin's wedding, and we spent ALL day today going to different stores trying to find a pair of silver or gold shoes for her.  Even a decent looking pair of dyeable shoes. I can't just order her a pair from a catalog or online because the size is dependent upon the type and maker of the shoe.  Missy-Boo has a three size range! Then I remembered she needed new slippers since her heels were really really overlapping the back of the heel on the old ones.  Did you know you can get women's slippers in the women's sleepwear section, men's slippers in the men's sleep/under wear section, but IF you can find ANY slippers for 6 year olds, they're in the style of flip-flops.  Say what?!  Flip-flop Slippers.  Is it me, or is that another oxymoron?!  Good thing I know how to felt now, thanks to a workshop I took part in with Margaret Hubert during one of our monthly chapter meetings!  I CAN crochet Missy-Boo a new pair of slippers! :D

Have a good night.  :)

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