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Passing it on

We decided it was time to rip up the old carpet in the living room two weeks ago.  It's been there for the last 14 years, and I'll tell ya, that berber sure held up to a lot of traffic and construction goings on!  But it was time.  When we bought our house, calling it a handyman special was an understatement.  And by the time it came to the living room, we had run out of time, so we washed the oak flooring with a bleach solution, then applied a couple coats of sealer.  This time around, the floor was properly (yeah right!) stripped down, sanded, stained and poly-ed.  PEEEE-yuuuuu!  Good thing the weather has been pretty decent so we could have all the windows open and fans sitting in them sucking the air out of the house!  Of course, one thing always leads into another - we decided to get the walls and ceiling painted before the NEW rug gets installed tomorrow.  Another PEEEE-yuuuuu and more opened windows.  What a shame, too!  The floor looks so wet and shiny from the gloss.  Boohoo!  But when my daughter, Missy-Boo, gets a lot bigger and older than she is right now, and the carpet needs to be taken up again, maybe we'll be ready to leave the flooring exposed.  It sure looks good right now, tho!  lol

I also just finished up a project that was to make two coin purses with a pretty thick yarn, one crocheted in a rib stitch, and the other one knitted in seed stitch.  Now I am NOT a knitter.  I can do the basic garter and stockinette in squares or rectangles.  I was told the seed stitch was easy, knit 1, purl 1, then alternate the stitches on each row afterwards.  So I looked on the internet to see if it looked like what I thought it would and found a good picture of that stitch.  So I started on it, but something wasn't right - it was coming out like ribbing instead of a little bump, little recess.  I'm very glad I saw Margaret at the Book Signing tent at the Sheep and Wool Festival.  She took a look at what I was doing and picked out what was wrong right away.  (She's so smart with all this stuff! )  Work it over an odd number of stitches said she of the magic fingers.  And viola, it was working wonderfully!  Then she told me I had to teach two people something about "stitching" to pass it on.  What a neat idea.  Kind of like paying it forward.  Hmmmm.....

Thanks for visiting.  :)

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