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Sheep and Wool Festival

Wow!  What a sight - all that yarn just "itching" to be made into something!  Thin to chunky, lots and lots of beautiful colors.  Sometimes I really wish I had won one of those huge lottery jackpots just for days like this! 

I saw some of my fellow guild and chapter sisters today, learned a new knitting stitch (still can't believe I'm learning to knit!) and lots and lots of yarns I was drooling to take home with me.  I was looking for some yarn of a particular color for a sweater I have in mind for me. ( the first one ever I plan to keep for me anyway. lol) Didn't matter what color family it was from, it was going to find me and say "Hey, I'm right here, come take me home."  Unfortunately, I ran out of time before I got all the way through the displays and booths.  Hubby had to go to work.  Boo hoo!  But my daughter did learn how to use a drop spindle, and boy, was she tickled pink when the nice lady asked her if she wanted to take one home with her to practice with!  After just a few minutes of "practice", my daughter was going fast enough that the lady was having a hard time keeping up with her to set the spindle a'spinnin'.   The spindle was pretty neat and easy to make at home.  Just a narrow dowel using a couple of CDs with a rubber grommet to hold it on the dowel, and a little tea cup screw hook on the top.  Very ingenious.    She wanted to practice her spinning all the way home in the car.  And to think I just shipped my spinning wheel off to a friend since I didn't use it anymore!  Ahh well, whatcha gonna do?  lol

Have a good night.


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